Family Grinch Night!


My new favorite Christmas tradition: Family Grinch Night! We dress in green from head to toe, eat an all-green dinner, and make festive Grinchy snacks and drinks to enjoy while we watch the 1960s classic. (If that sounds like too much work, you could just add a little green food coloring to your kids’ milk or food! My kiddos would love that just the same.)

But the best part about Family Grinch Night isn’t the food—it’s the present passing game. Grab a gift at Dollar Tree that everyone will enjoy, and wrap it up before the movie starts. Have your family sit in a circle as you watch the movie. Every time you hear the word “who” or “whoville,”  pass the present to the person on your left! The person holding the present at the end of the movie gets to open it. 

This activity takes almost zero planning—as long as you have green clothes and green food coloring!—and the kids look forward to it all fall. It’s one of the easiest ways I know to turn a totally ordinary night into a memorable one.