Yarn garlands your kids can make


Halloween is just around the corner! Make these yarn pumpkin garlands with your little ones to display on the fireplace mantel or in the kids' bedrooms. (My house is an explosion of fall decorations, with a banner already on every mantel and mirror, so ours goes in the kitchen.)

1 ball of orange yarn
2-3 green pipe cleaners
Jute twine

1. Wrap yarn around 3 fingers 50 times or so. Cut the end. Pull yarn ball off your fingers.
2. Cut a short piece of yarn and tie it around the large yarn ball to give the look of a pumpkin.
3. Cut a 2-3" piece of pipe cleaner. Use the ends of the string from step 2 to tie it to the pumpkin. Wrap pipe cleaner around itself, and then around a pencil, to form a curly stem.
4. Use the loose strings on the pumpkin to tie around the twine.
5. Cut and tuck any other loose pieces.
6. Continue making pumpkins and adding to the twine until the yarn runs out. Then hang your garland!